About Me

I taught myself how to play Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" in the 7th grade. I've been known to play the bagpipes at 3am on random Wednesday nights. My ultimate fear is to be trapped in shark invested waters and be eaten alive by a great white shark. I've bench pressed 350 lbs and ran a dozen marathons, including 2 in 24 hours and 4 in 8 days. I've jumped out of an airplane. My favorite month is October. I was a Penn Station Athlete of the Month. For a couple years during my early childhood, I was convinced that I was a vampire. I've professionally modeled before. GO BLUE. Champion Beef Jerky. My life revolves around my little doggy, Mr. Bojangles. Greg Terry is my father. Lisa Terry is my mother (haha, that's for you, mom). The End.