Jun 26, 2012

Run For Your Lives - Indiana





Jun 23, 2012


There is no safer place to be than at the top of Harney Peak in the event of a Level 5 Zombie Apocalypse. Here is a video I captured as I climbed to the top of this zombie safe haven during my Wild West Adventure in June 2012. In case you didn't know, Harney Peak is the tallest point east of the Rockies until you get to some pile of dead cows and small children in India. I sped this video up and got it down to about 11 minutes to give ya'll an idea of what it looks like to go from the bottom to the top. It takes the normal person 3 hours to climb to the summit. I did it in 1.5 hours. Don't say it, I already know that I am awesome. To make this video even more kickass, I tossed in some Led Zep for the soundtrack. So crack open a case of beer and watch this video. For your viewing pleasure, I cranked this badboy up to 1080p HD. So let it load and then play it full blast. Action. Adventure. Zombies. Led Zep. Beer. It doesn't get much better than that, folks. Enjoy.

Jun 22, 2012

The Color Run - Orange

Here is a video I made from The Color Run last weekend. I played around with the slow motion a little when I edited it. Watch it in HD for full awesomeness.

Jun 15, 2012

Where Do They Get Those Peepers?!

I drove thru Nebraska last week and it eerily reminded me of a scene straight out of Jeepers Creepers. Check out the video below. It is only a little over a minute long. Make sure you turn the speakers on because I added the "Jeepers Creepers" song into the video so you can understand what I'm talking about with the whole scary movie thing. Near the end of the movie a car drives by that looks like the creepy van that the bat creature from the movie drove too. Enjoy!