May 29, 2012

Miami Zombie Attack

NEWSFLASH: Zombie Attack in Miami!

This past Memorial Day Weekend, most of us sat by a pool, grilled some tasty BBQ on the grill, and enjoyed the wonderful weather with friends and family. The key word here is most. For one unfortunate dude, Memorial Day weekend transpired into a full blown ZOMBIE ATTACK!

:: cue the music :: 

I'm not getting paid by the word so I'll cut straight to the chase. On 5/26 in Miami, Florida, a naked zombie attacked another guy and basically ate his face off. Per a reporter, "He had no face left... he was unrecognizable after the attack." 

The cops showed up eventually and told the zombie to stop eating the guy's face. The zombie said "nay" and the cop shot him. The single bullet didn't stop the zombie... naturally because he was not shot in the head... and so the cop had to shoot the zombie several more times before he finally stopped and was presumably shot in the head. Below are videos for the news story, highway footage from the scene, and a friendly reminder from the gov't on how to prepare for a zombie attack. 

May 9, 2012

Who's Your Zombie Apocalypse Team?

Kenny Powers / Chuck Norris / Batman FTW