Dec 28, 2011

Essential iPad @pps

For all the iPhone users out there, check out my post on Essential iPhone @pps.

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Before I begin, here is a summary of what it was like to open up the iPad2 out of the box and realize that I had the power of the Universe at my fingertips.

Now that I got all that out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? Here is a list of my favorite iPad @pps along with a brief description on what it does and why you should get it. I included links from previous posts that show off the @pps in action (if applicable) if you want to get an example.

· GarageBand: A very cool @pp that lets you play and record music on a variety of instruments. It costs about $5 but is worth it.




· iMovie: Basic video making capabilities. Costs about $5 as well and again, is worth the cost. It has limited options and if you add any music to it and then upload to YouTube the music will get censored.

· Words HD: Words with Friends.

· Calculator Pro: The iPad doesn’t come with a basic calculator @pp like the iPhone does, so there are many calculator @pps out there that are free to download. They all have ads at the bottom, which can get annoying, but this one seems to be the one I like the best.

· Facebook: Facebook @pp. Has lots of bugs, so you might be best off just going to the FB website on Safari.

· Netflix: Probably one of the @pps I use the most and reason I got the iPad in the first place. For some reason I prefer to curl up on my bed and watch a Netflix movie on my iPad than watch a movie on a 60” TV.

· iBooks: Good for books and PDF docs.

· Simplenote: This is a simple @pp for taking notes if you want to type them. It is basically a giant notepad file. You can also email the notes to yourself which is kind of cool. I use this at work but find that it can be difficult in certain meetings to take notes while interacting in the meeting at the same time because everyone else is writing stuff down with a pen and paper instead of typing on an iPad.

· Penultimate: I finally got a stylus for my iPad and love this @pp. I plan to use it to take notes in the future and virtually eliminate the need to carry a notebook around with me ever again. Has limited features but gives you the option to change pen color, size, copy & paste, erase, add pictures, and email single pages or entire notebooks.

· Note Taker HD: This is a clumsier version of Penultimate with more features. You can add all sorts of shapes and pictures and would be good for making a flow chart or something like that. If you have to pick one over the other, get Penultimate. Note Taker HD costs around $5, whereas Penultimate is $1.

· Main Event: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. No further explanation is needed.


· Touch4: This is Connect 4 for the iPad. Graphics aren’t the best but it gets the job done.

· RAGE HD: This is a good (and intense) 1st person shooter zombie-killin’ game.

· Angry Birds HD: Angry Birds.

· Plants vs. Zombies HD: Best game ever. Very addicting. Costs about $5. Get this one.

· Google Earth: Google Earth.

· Scan: QR code scanner.

· Live Cams: This app lets you tap into hundreds of “live cams” throughout the world. You can control some of the cameras. Costs $1. I have spent more hours than I like to admit watching penguins waddle around being awesome.

· Skype: Skype.

· Splashtop: This @pp lets you remote in to your home PC. You need to download something on your computer and have it running while you use the @pp. Works over a wireless connection, so you can use it at home but I haven’t got it to work from outside of my house. Costs $1-$5

· Break: Break website app.

· IMDb: Movie info.

· Flixster: More movie info.

· PS Express: Photo editor.

· Alien Booth: Great @pp that lets you take a picture of someone and see what they would look like as an alien.


· 360: Create panorama shots. Pretty neat.

· ComicBook: Awesome @pp for making comic book pictures. Lots of features and possibly addicting.

· 123D Sculpt: Interesting @pp that lets you mold a piece of clay on your iPad. The usability is a little clumsy but if you get the hang of it you can do some pretty cool stuff.