Jul 18, 2011

THE QUADZILLA!!! Movie Trailer

I am making a documentary on the QUADZILLA marathons Greg Terry and I will be running in September. We are running four (4) marathons in eight (8) days. The first one is the US Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio on September 17 followed by the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathons on September 23, 24, & 25. Its going to be one helluva adventure and my inner thighs start chafing whenever I think about it.

Pending my survival, I'll have the full-blown documentary put together at some point after the races. In the meantime, here is the theatrical trailer for THE QUADZILLA!!! Two meaty thumbs up to the Cheeks for voice-over. Enjoy!

I laughed, I cried, I puked blood. Quadzilla!... Quaaadzilla!!! - Murphy

(And yes... I know I spelled "starring" wrong). I'll fix it. Don't worry.