Jun 30, 2011

Happy Social Media Day!

I didn't know this day even existed until a few hours ago. I'll drink a beer (or 12) to that!
Jun 6, 2011

100 Greatest Movie Threats

Part 1

Part 2

Source: eBaum's World.
Jun 4, 2011

Mr. Bojangles - Local Celebrity

I submitted a picture of Bo to the Upside Down Dogs website about a year ago. I just randomly checked out their site and found a picture of my little goblin. Ohhhhhh hell yeah!

Check it out! And while you're there, give him a 10/10 rating!

This is Mr. Bojangles, the 3 year old male Boston Terrier from Dayton, Ohio. Photo sent by Kyle.
Jun 3, 2011

Cow's iPad Jams - Let It Be

Here is the latest and greatest. "Let It Be." Some people tell me I should let the OSU disgrace be. But I say nay.