May 17, 2011

Something I Don't Want For Christmas

The "Zombie Shadow Cast" is any wall in my home's worst nightmare. According to the site that sells it,
Cast shadows of a full-blown zombie invasion on your walls when you light up this terrifying Zombie Shadow Cast. This undead silhouette by designer Gabriel Gat uses a regular tea light candle to cast the creepy, flickering shadows and is made from stained and varnished, laser cut mahogany plywood. It's perfect for setting the mood during a late night zombie movie marathon or just for some fiendish pranks.
I have a plethora of weapons that I keep next to my bed that includes a baseball bat, an axe [or maul, if you want to get picky], and even my mitts to take out these kind of shadows lurking around my house. If you're interested in a heart attack, the night-terror piece of wood is sold here. I assume the candle is sold separately. I already dream about this stuff and see it in real life for some reason, so I will kindly take a pass on this one.