May 9, 2011

How To: Delay Blood Work During A Physical

[Note: This is not my tattoo.]

How To: Delay Blood Work During A Physical

Step #1: Don't fast.
Step #2: Eat a high-cholesterol breakfast prior to the doctor appointment.

Here is something I learned today at the good old doctor's office. If you go in for a physical, apparently there is an unspoken rule that one must fast - starting at midnight the night before the appointment - in order to get blood work done. I didn't realize this minute detail, so you can only imagine the look on my doctor's face when he asked me if I fasted, in which I responded with a "Nope," promptly followed with a "... but I did have eggs, hash browns, and bacon for breakfast!"

Now I have an appointment in June to get my blood tested. Yippi ki yay.