Mar 26, 2011


[Soundtrack: Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page “Come With Me”]

There is an unexplainable feeling of impending doom that strikes a lot of people in the mid to late 20-something crowd. A/S/L check? 27/male/Dayton, Ohio/DOOM. Some of the symptoms include: “I am scared of the unknown,” “WTF!” “I wish I could travel back into time and go back to college,” “Why am I drinking on a weekday?” “Why am I not drinking on a weekday?” “My career path is a big question mark,” “Why am I a loser and not going out on a Friday night?” “I am single and my biological clock is ticking,” “Why am I still living in my parent’s basement?” and the closer… “What am I going to do with my life?”

If the inevitable is a big unknown, I decided that I might as well do something about it to make things a little interesting. I found solace in running. So I went out and ran a marathon. Then I ran another marathon, but it was a little less gratifying. So I ran 2 marathons in a 24-hour period. That was pretty gratifying.

Then I ran another marathon, but I didn’t follow it up with another the next day. There are a million reasons why that particular marathon was awesome, but on a personal challenge level, I was still stuck at the back-to-back thing I did 8 months prior to that. Basically, completing something that less than 1% of 1% of the world’s population had completed was getting a little, well, unsatisfying. My goal at the start of this year was to run a triple marathon. 3 days. 3 marathons. That was my goal and what I had planned to do and kickass while doing it. But then Greg Terry told me that I needed to do the “Quadzilla.” A Quadzilla can mean a lot of things, but in this particular case it means running 4 marathons in approximately a week. Coincidentally, the USAF Marathon featuring The Mile #18 Runway Run of Death happens to be the Saturday before the Tahoe Triple I planned on running. As I sat at the dinner table at Harrison’s in Tipp City and listened to Greg Terry’s words of wisdom about the Quadzilla, my mind wondered off to the mile #18 thing that I thought I would only have to do once in my life. I saw the heat rising off the pavement on the airstrip and tried to go back into the mental state that I was in at that moment. At some point, I got too scared and stopped talking to myself and went back to focusing on what The Man was saying. And then I signed up for both races.


The 3+1=4 Quadzilla.