Feb 9, 2011

Life Lessons with Deputy Cow #4

Tonight's Life Lesson focuses on getting sick. For those keeping track at home, I am finally in the recovery stage of the nagging cough that I had back in late-December that snowballed into the total loss of my voice for the greater part of January. Here is what I learned through the whole ordeal.

First of all, I understand that some people are more prone to getting sick than others. I fall in the latter group of people. I really don't get sick, except maybe once or twice a year, but nothing too crazy. Some people are always sick. I'm not one of those types, obviously. When I do get sick, I try to tough it out, or as Greg Terry calls it, "Don't be a fucking pussy." There is really no need to go to the doctor. I'll just deal with it and move on eventually. This mentality works most of the time.

So what happens when the sickness doesn't go away after a few days?

Well, I recently took this approach:

Prior to accepting the sickness: First, I had a little cough. It eventually got worse and worse until it reached the point where I was coughing once every minute. After a few weeks of this, I concluded that I was indeed sick.

Week #1: Don't be a pussy. Give it a week and see what happens. At this point the demon that took shelter in my lungs and throat was wreaking Hell on my vocal cords. As a result, my voice started to sound like a kid going through puberty. Give it a week. Be strong. I had a holiday day off of work, followed by a sick day, and then my birthday. That's 3 days in isolation to rest the voice. No dice. You're a man, damnit!

Week #2: Still don't getting better. FML. Voice is worse. Everyone told me to see a doctor and commented on how much my voice sucked. Yeah, I get it. Several phone calls to the doctor during lunch breaks led to several unreturned phone calls from doctor after lunch breaks. I kicked it into Plan B and ordered a humidifier online. 5-6 days shipping. All the moms at work gave me cough drops and tea so that I would stop gagging. At this point, the voice thing is effecting my personal and professional life.

Week #3: Finally talked to the doctor. Get some pills that were suppossed to cure whatever the hell I had. The humidifier finally arrived. After about 2-3 days of taking the pills, the voice magically got better. Who knows if the humidifier helped.

Lesson: If you are sick longer than a week, see a doctor. Don't wait it out. Nobody will question your man/woman card.