Jan 7, 2011

How To of the Week: Foot Odor

How To of the Week: Foot Odor

There are two ways you can get stinky shoes.
  • You wear the same shoes every day and after awhile, they start to smell like shit.
  • You step in shit.

I've experienced both scenarios more often than I would like to admit. Currently, I am battling Scenario #2. I stepped in shit. I scrubbed the shoes off with water. I walked aimlessly around in the snow in hopes to rub the crap off. Last night, I even threw the shoes in the washer. After I dried them off, I took a whiff, and wah-la... they still smell (or smelt for those idiots out there) like shit.

So when I was at work today, I asked this guy...

... if he knew how to get rid of the stinky ass shoe smell. And he told me to put my shoes in the freezer. Nope. No way. I've never heard of this before.

So I Googled it.


Well kiss my fucking ass. Just when you think you know it all. So now I present to you:

How to get rid of Foot Odor
  • Put shoes in freezer?

Simple and sweet. I've got mine cookin' in the icebox as we speak. We'll see how this plays out.