Nov 2, 2010

The Time Traveler Video

Here is the time traveler video in case you haven't heard of it yet:

Basically, there is a 1928 movie called The Circus starring Charlie Chaplin. As you know, there were no cell phones around during this time. Coincidentally, there is a scene in this movie that blatantly shows a lady walking around talking on a cell phone. People say this is a hearing aid device that is she is holding up to her head, which was also invented in 1928. But that doesn't really explain why she is talking to herself. But people were crazy then, just as they are now, so who knows. The other argument is about how could she be talking on a cell phone if there were no cell phone towers back then. I'm not a scientist, but I would assume that if the technology for time travel exists, so does the technology to talk on a towerless-cell phone. I get a kick out of this kind of stuff, so I'm going to consider myself a believer.

Another thing I get a kick out of is a good typo FAIL, such as the "traveller" mishap, compliments of our friends at ABC News.