Nov 6, 2010

Don't Forget...


Grandma: Hello?

Me: Hey Grandma.

Grandma: Hello?

Me: Hello?

Grandma: HELLO? HELLO?

Me: Hi!

Grandma: Ohh hi Kev...Kyle.

Me: Hey Grandma.

Grandma: [laughing] I was wondering why I couldn't hear anything. I had the wrong end of the phone held up to my ear.

Me: [Laughing].

Grandma: I just wanted to remind you to set your clocks ahead an hour.

Me: Oh yeah, thanks Grandma. That starts tomorrow though, you know, on Sunday. Today is Saturday.

Grandma: Oh I know, I like to do it the day before though.

Me: Oh I see. Well I won't forget to set my clocks back---

Grandma: No! You have to set them ahead an hour.

Me: Yes yes, that's right. I won't forget to set them ahead an hour!

Grandma: OK well I just wanted to make sure you don't forget.

Me: Haha okay thanks Grandma, have a good day!

Grandma: You too. Thanks! Bye!