Oct 19, 2010

Back Door Man

[Soundtrack: The Doors - "Back Door Man"]

Man Code 101 says to open a door for a woman whenever the opportunity presents itself. No argument there. It is a small gesture that pleases the ladies and lets everyone know that you are a MAN.

Get out and then open and open her door. Again my friend considers this to be too old fashioned, I consider it a polite gesture. Although it does seem to throw some women for a loop, as it has become uncommon. Modern dating etiquette, "The Art of Manliness."
But what happens when two dudes find themselves in a situation where they both arrive at a door and must choose how they are going to open the door?
...I'm glad you asked.

First of all, like I said, I will open a door for a lady until there are no more doors to open. Car doors. Doors to the house. Door at the restaurant. Door at the moving theater. Port-O-John door. You name it. But when it comes to dudes, I get caught in this weird awkward moment of "Do I open the door for him just like if he was a chick and let him go through, or do I open the door and walk through first, or do I just slow down the pace when we come to a door and let him decide." This whole fiasco seems to apply to the corporate scene more than the casual environment, but in the grand scheme of things it applies to both worlds. My solution is this: If I am with a guy, and we both walk up to a door, I am going to open the door and walk through it. If a guy gets to the door before I do and opens it up for me, I will smile, tell him "Ladies first," and cement my feet to the floor until he walks through the door. Problem solved.

So in summary:

  • Kyle opens doors for ladies.
  • Kyle and other man walk up to door.
  • Kyle will open the door and walk through.
  • Kyle will not hold the door open for a man to walk through.
  • If Kyle gets beat to the door, Kyle will say, "Ladies first" and let other man walk through door.