Sep 22, 2010

Top 10: Football Trick Plays

In the world of football, Wednesday is a slow day. Not much is going on. The talk from the previous week has died down and the predictions for the next weekend's game won't come until Thursday and Friday. One theme that was brought up a couple times on different sports radio shows was football trick plays, probably because of the one MSU pulled out of their ass in OT to beat ND. Too bad there is no trick play that causes both teams to lose instantly. MSU's coach did have a heart attack the next day, but I won't get into that. Here are my Top 10 Favorite Football Trick Plays.

#10 - Titans vs Bills. January 8, 2000. Music City Miracle. "He's got it...he's got it...HE'S GOT IT! THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD! IT'S A MIRACLE!"

#9 - Dolphins vs Jets. 1994. Dan Marino's "Fake Spike."

#8 - Boise State vs Oklahoma. 2007. Three Trick Pony. Boise State still sucks.

#7 - FSU vs Clemson. 1988. "Puntroooooskie!"

#6 - Unknown team. Cool play. "Yeehaw!" TURN YOUR SPEAKERS OFF FOR THIS ONE.

#5 - Saints vs Cardinals. 2010. "Flea Flicker."

#4 - Florida vs WVU. Steve Spurrier. "Hidden Ball Trick."

#3 - Presbyterian vs Wake Forest. September 2, 2010. "The Ole' Laterall Not Dead" Play. Wake Forest would go on to beat the shit out of them 53-13, but, meh, what the hell.

#2 - Miami vs Nebraska. Orange Bowl January 1, 1984. "Fumblerooski!"

#1 - Pee Wee Football. "Coach, I've got the wrong ball!" If I was coaching pee wee football, I would have no second thoughts to busting this play out. Fuck all the parents on the other team.