Sep 27, 2010


On Saturday morning I tuned in to Sports Nation (which is actually a decent show, BTW) to check out some previews for the games that day. They had a segment where they polled the nation and asked a question about what was a "Scarier Double Threat: Denard Robinson or Sharktopus?"


I had never heard of Sharktopus, but the sound of it alone was nothing I would want to mess with at all. I figured it was one of those horrible SyFy movies. And boy was I right. I woke up at about 2am the next morning and I'll be damned if Sharktopus was on TV. I only watched about two minutes worth of it in my mid-coma state, but holy shit was it amazing. Watch the trailer below and see for yourself. If there is an encore performance this coming weekend, and you are paralyzed on your couch and the remote is missing, check this movie out!