Sep 28, 2010

Mango Habanero

When I was in 7th grade, my homeroom teacher always wrote a famous poem or quote on the chalkboard for our young developing minds to digest. One poem, in particular, that I remember was the famous words by Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost

I interpreted this poem as simply meaning: Don't do drugs, don't kill people, do good, not bad. Yeah, that's common sense - I know. So let's take this poem literally, and imagine a fork in the road. The left side is the good path. The right side is a bad path. Then let's take it a step further and assume I go down the left side, or the good path. This is where the poem ends. What happens after that is left to speculation. Well, for me, that good path forks again at some point down the road. On the left side of this additional fork in the road is the "easy" path. On the right side of the additional fork in the road is the "ridiculously unnecessary and inconvenient yet often selected randomly for absolutely no reason" path. For some unknown reason, every once in awhile I will stroll down the right hand side and see how the chips fall. I can't explain why I do it. It's not really a bad thing, and I eventually get to Point A to Point B, but it's the gray area in between that has me asking myself, "Why? WHY?!"

I really have no idea. If I had to take some rational guess, it would be that I like to challenge myself by putting myself in certain precarious situations just to see what happens. If I was a contestant in the Legends of the Hidden Temple, I would give all my tokens or "get out of Hell" free cards to the host, tell him to add a few extra temple guards to the final obstacle course, tell my worthless partner to take a hike, and run straight to the monkey shrine that is impossible to assemble, all while being blindfolded. Recently, I have done some things that would be a "real" example of this. One time I went for a long run and got really thirsty. Every time I get a haircut, I get screwed over somehow. The situations are totally avoidable, and I can assure you that I'm not retarded, I just decide to go down that path to the left, and then suddenly hang a right at the next fork.

Tonight was another example. BW3's was the scene. When i order chicken wings, I usually order one or two flavors that are enjoyable and then one flavor that has a little more kick to it just for... kicks. Tonight, I decided to go with 12 Mango Habanero. I can handle my hot stuff. I've ate blazing wings before. I've got my name on the wall for drinking a cup of Atomic sauce. I'm always down for eating hot shit. But this Mango Habanero stuff kicks my ass for some reason. And it's not really that it is too hot. I wasn't eating every ice cube in sight while I was eating it. But the sauce makes snot run out of my nose like it's going out of style. Like it sounds gross or whatever, but it literally just pours out. No extra napkins were available. Well, I take that back. There was a stack of infinite napkins just out of reaching distance, but I neglected them. As far as the wings go, I can't do anything about it, except not eat them or not order as many of them. But I do it anyway. My mouth is fine now. And I'll probably order them again the next time I go to BW3's.