Aug 14, 2010

How To of the Week: Magic Card Trick


How To of the Week: Magic Card Trick

This week's How To is one that I believe everyone should do. Here is why: It is a magic trick. Magic tricks are cool. If you are in a social situation that involves playing cards, this How To will make you the most popular person at the social gathering you are at. Chicks dig magic tricks. Perfecting the trick takes practice. If you are confined to a cubicle all day and need something to occupy your time, this is an excellent opportunity. Every man (or woman) should know at least one good card trick, just as everyone should have at least one good joke that they can pull out if needed. I have busted this trick out for almost 10 years now, and every time I do it the audience is amazed. Regardless of your situation, if you perfect this trick, you will be awesome in someone's eyes. For example, let's say you are a 500 pounds, haven't showered in months, are covered head-to-toe in pimples, and just ate a dozen onions. You could walk up to a supermodel, ask her if she would like to see a magic trick, of course she will oblige, and then you can bust this shit out and be THE MAN for at least 10 seconds. So yes, this is cool. So read up, watch the videos that I have compiled for two different music oriented demographics, and dominate the next Euchre night.

How To Make a Playing Card Appear Out of Thin Air:

Place a card in between your index finger and pinky finger. The card should be "squeezed" in between the two fingers as demonstrated below.

Make sure the card is not visible between your fingers.

Grip the card with your index and pinky fingers and pull the card forward while sliding your middle and ring fingers behind the card. [The best way to illustrate this (aside from the actual illustration) is basically hold out your arm, put up the bull horns, and then bring your middle two fingers towards your face. That is essentially the maneuver your are doing with the card].

Flip the card with the middle two fingers to your palm while securing the card with the index and pinky fingers.

Slide the middle two fingers behind the card and give a big thumbs up for good measure.

Present the card to your audience and observe the face melting that follows.

... aaaaaand HU-ZAAA. A magic trick! BA-DA-BING.

And now for the final version. I recorded two different videos. The first one is if you like Queen. The second is if you are a Thug. Pick your poison. Do or die. The choice is yours.

Classic Rock Version of Card Trick

Gangsta Rap Version of Card Trick

[On a side note, this blog took me about 3 hours to put together because stupid fucking Youtube does not allow copyrighted material in the uploaded videos that are longer than 30 seconds. So I had to record the video featuring Magic Stick multiple times until I was able to figure this out. Oh well].