Aug 11, 2010

The Boll Weevils

A list of the 20 Most Bizarre College Sports Mascots mentions your friend, the lovable Boll Weevil, at #14. According to the breakdown of mascots,

Yes, the University of Arkansas' mascot is the scary Razorback, but the Monticello campus of the university is represented by a tiny gray bug that is really only scary to cotton plants. But when the University of Arkansas at Monticello was founded in 1909, cotton was still the major product in the state and the boll weevil was truly dreaded - it can wipe out an entire crop almost instantaneously. Since most of the students of the day were sons and daughters of cotton farmers, they selected the boll weevil as their mascot for the fear it strikes in the hearts of its enemy.

This caught my attention because at least a dozen times a day I call my dog "Bo Weevil" or "Mr. Bo Weevil." If you're scratching your head and trying to figure out why the hell a Boll Weevil sounds vaguely familiar, it's probably because you saw this commercial:

Another notable mention from the list of bizarre mascots is the Rhode Island School of Design's Scrotie. That is correct, folks, there is a scrotum mascot flopping around on the East Coast. The Rhode Island School of Design, or RISD for short, is in fact real. I double-checked and found that they have a website to prove it.

I bet this guy gets all the chicks.