Jul 26, 2010

Rant of the Week: Cars Slowing Down for Crosswalks

Here is one that drives me absolutely bonkers. That's right, bonkers. Not mad. Not insane. Not grinding of gears. Not makes me see red. Bonkers. Perhaps you can relate to it as well. The environment can be anywhere involving a road, a crosswalk, a car, and you. The scenario is the same. A car is driving down the road and approaches a crosswalk somewhere in the general area that you happen to be getting to walk through in the foreseeable future. The car could easily just go through the crosswalk and then you could cross and the world would be a better place for it. But no. The car has to slow down or come to a complete halt which forces you to kick it into high gear and jog through the crosswalk to pass so that the person sitting in the car can keep on keeping on. Personally, I walk at a run/walk pace as it is, and this whole situation makes it more complicated because I have to time it out exactly so that I will not be in a place where I have to wait for someone to determine whether or not they will let me cross or potentially slam into my body while attempting to get to the other side of the road. More often than not, I am also passing by slow walkers so I have to keep this in mind so that the slow walker I just passed does not catch up with me while the person in the car tries to make up their mind if they are going to let me go or not. It gets pretty aggravating when I am really far away from the crosswalk yet people still slow down to wait for me. Just go through it people. I can wait or go around. I'm not going to bust out a dead sprint from 20 yards away. Sometimes it gets really bad. If I can tell a car will stop for me, and I don't feel like going before they do, I will bust out my phone, put it up to my ear, act like I'm talking to someone, and then turn my back to the crosswalk and spin around in aimless circles to let them know I am not crossing at the exact instant that they are and that they are free to pass. The only resolution that I can come up with for this predicament is to just not watch for cars and take my chances on getting hit.