Jul 26, 2010

How To of the Week: Pickles

How To of the Week: Pickles

I love pickles. I love pickles so much that I have been known to take a little sips of pickle juice from time to time out of the jar in sheer joy of my love for pickles. A week or so ago I finally decided that it was time to get down to pickling. After reaping the rewards of my first pickling experiment, I have decided to share this with you all today. If you like pickles and would like to make some kick ass pickles, here is how you do it. Before I get started, know this: Pickles don't grow on trees. They come from cucumbers.

There are numerous ways to make a pickle. The pickles I am going to tell you how to make are for the impatient pickler. I have tested these bad boys out and now it works. I am also Hungarian. And hungry. So this recipe hits home.

"The Hungarian Summer Pickle"

What you need:
  • 1 gallon sized jar with a lid
  • Fresh cucumbers to pack into the jar (4-5 will suffice)
  • 4 tablespoons of pickling salt (this is different than normal salt, and is sold by the 4lb. box in stores)
  • 1/2 cup of white vinegar
  • 8 cups of water
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 2 banana peppers

What to do:
  • Clean out the jar
  • Mix the salt, vinegar, and water up in the jar
  • Dice up the garlic, jalapeno peppers, and banana peppers
  • Put the diced stuff you just chopped up into the jar and mix it up
  • Wash each cucumber with your hands and make sure you get the dirt off of them
  • As you are washing the cucumbers, try to rub off the prickly things that are covering it
  • Take a knife and make a cut down the middle of the cucumber, long-ways, but dont cut it all the way through
  • Cram the cucumbers into the jar
  • If there is room near the top of the jar, fill up a zip-lock bag with water (or pickle juice) and cram it in at the top so that the pickles don't float to the surface. Floating is bad.
  • Put the lid on the jar, place it next to a window (or outside in the sun) and give it a week to work its magic.
  • After at least a week, when the tension has climaxed to an unbearable state and you cannot wait any longer, crack open the jar and endulge in a pickly mouth explosion.