Jun 17, 2010

Zombie Brains

I took a test today to find out whether I was left or right brained. To be honest, I really wasn't sure which side of my noggin was dominant. Before I took the test I tried to figure out whether I was a lefty or a righty. The left side of the brain is all about logic and sequential order. I make about a dozen To-Do lists a day, so maybe the left side is more dominant. However, I'm also random and crazy, and that's what the right side of the brain dictates, so maybe that's it too. So I took the test. Here the results:

You have what is known as a Golden Brain.

Holy shit!! A Golden Brain?!?! ::Howard Dean scream::

You have strong qualities from either hemisphere. You can see the whole picture when processing information but can as well pay attention to details. You like organizing your schedule, but enjoy too being spontaneous and changing it whenever you feel like it. You are good at endeavours that require language, math, reasoning and analyzing, but also have a special feeling for the arts and music. You use your reasoning abilities, but you also follow your gut: having a Golden brain is a great recipe for success in business. Keep it up!
I was pretty excited about this whole Golden Brain thing for a few minutes until reality kicked in. If this test is true, and I have the Golden Brain, then I am going to be a prime target for zombies when the invasion begins.

Golden Brains = Zombie Golden Ticket. FUCK!