Jun 8, 2010

Wet Hot American Summer

One of my 2010 goals is to "Go On Two Epic Adventures That Will Be Told For Generations" this year. I've got two weeks booked up this summer to go on said adventures. The rest is up in the air. Searching for inspiration, I reflected back to the 2009 South Dakota Terry Vacation:


Free Budweisers

Sweet Double-Chin Picture Taken With Mt. Rushmore

Celebrating With Parents After Greg Terry Hit The Slot Machine Jackpot On First Attempt

Memerable Quotes...

Dad, while eating ice cream next to a horse stable:

Nothing like eating ice cream and smelling horse shit.

Mom, standing on the side of the street in Deadwood at 2am:

Me: Did you just call me 26 times?!
Mom: Just ignore the calls. Didn't want to look like a whore.

Saw A Kangaroo

Ran To The Top Of Crazy Horse Mountain

Drank (a million) Beers At Deadwood

Almost Saw PorkRice Get Destroyed By A Buffalo

Took A Video Of A Buffalo's "Cock and Balls" Per Greg Terry's Request

Essentially, I am not looking to 1-UP the week long 2009 escapade, because that is impossible, but I'm trying to find a way to do something cool that does not involve cage diving with Great White sharks in Guadalupe, Mexico.