Jun 14, 2010

Rant of the Week: Rye Chips

Rant of the Week: Rye Chips

I love me some Chex Mix. I can eat the stuff all day long. Variety is good, but something that is really grinding my gears as of late is the lack of my favorite part of Chex Mix in each bag that I devour. No matter what size bag I get, whether it is the snack size or the feed a family of eight size, for whatever reason, there are only a couple Rye Chips in each freakin' bag. I got a feva', and the only prescription is more Rye Chips.

In an effort to correct this problem, I took matters into my own hands and wrote the Chex Mix people.

I received a confirmation email but have yet to hear back from them with any sort of promise to deliver on my request/demands.

I would encourage you all to write Chex Mix and demand more Rye Chips as well.