Jun 30, 2010

How To: Rule The Summer

How To of the Week: Rule The Summer

[Soundtrack: Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water"]

Summer is here. The 4th of July is this weekend. Beers will be drank. Hot dogs will be consumed by the dozens. Good music will be heard. Fireworks will be seen. And pictures will be taken. I always have the best times during the summer when some sort of water activity is involved, whether it is a slip 'n slide or a lake. But not an ocean. Because oceans have sharks. Above, you will see one of the best pictures ever taken. If you right click on it, there is a nifty 'Set As Desktop Background' option available. Don't worry fellas, the No Homo rule applies here, so have it. I would encourage you to try to top this picture with your summer shenanigans this weekend. Feel free to submit you pictures "ruling the summer" to cow@thecowshow.com and I will post them up next week.