Jun 21, 2010

How To: Ice Cold Beer

How To of the Week: Ice Cold Beer

Today marks the official First Day of Summer. One of the common activities during these hot summer days is drinking beer. I don't know about you, but I like my beer served up ice cold. Sometimes the situation arises where beer is either picked up at the store where it has been sitting out on the shelf, the beer warms up while traveling from Point A to the party at Point B, or maybe it was forgotten in the trunk for a few weeks after that long road trip. Either way, before a few cold ones can get tossed back down the gullet, they need to first be...errrrr...cold. Ice cold.

Depending on the severity of the immediate need to drink ice cold beers, there are a few options at hand. Thanks to an episode of Mythbusters I recently watched, here is how to cool beer down the fastest.

On the Mythbusters show, the guys placed a 6-pack of beer in different environments and tested the temperature of the beer after 5 minutes.


  • Fridge: 60 degrees
  • Cooler + Ice: 57 degrees
  • Freezer: 55 degrees
  • Cooler + Ice + Water: 44 degrees
  • Cooler + Ice + Water + Salt: 35 degrees

As you can see, the Cooler + Ice + Water + Salt combo wins. The explanation behind this is because the salt melts the ice and lowers the freezing point of the water, and Bingo! Dino DN...I mean Ice Cold Beer.

One final note: If 5 minutes is too long, and you need the beers ice cold in 3 minutes, you could always unload a fire extinguisher on them. That will do the trick as well.