Jun 4, 2010

Dear Burger King...

I found this letter that Mr. Cheeks wrote to Burger King during our junior year of college. To my recollection, it was typed up around 3 in the morning in the midst of finals week. Oh...and Cheeks was fucking irate. I don't believe I have ever seen the man more pissed off than when some jackass screwed up his Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Combo Deluxe meal. Needless to say, re-reading this piece of hate mail definitely made my week.


Dear Burger King,

I have just got back from a 45 minute burger king run. In this run, I ordered Several Items off of your menu, to which only half were right when I received them. I first ordered a Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar ranch combo, to which I received a plain tendercrisp sandwich. I then ordered an Angus bacon cheddar ranch sandwich, which I received. Next came the 2 milkshakes I ordered, both large, one vanilla one chocolate. I received one large half vanilla half chocolate, and one strawberry vanilla mix, which I found extremely odd. Then I ordered 2 double cheese burgers, which I received. This process took 30-35 minutes, with only 2-3 cars in front of me. I checked my order after I received it only discovering the tendercrisp mistake, for I did not find out about the milkshakes until I got home. So I pulled around and the corrected the error, but it took another 15 min. so to reiterate:


- Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Combo

- Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch

- 2 double cheeseburgers

- 1 Large Chocolate Milkshake

- 1 Large Vanilla Milkshake


- Tendercrisp Combo

- Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch

- 2 double cheeseburgers

- 1 1/2 Vanilla 1/2 Chocolate

- 1 1/2 Strawberry 1/2 Vanilla

Not to mention the time out of my day that this took place in. AND, the food they got right the first time around was cold by the time I got it home. I would like something done about this. Either some kind of Disciplinary action or compensation. I will include all of the information on the receipt at the bottom of this E-mail. Thank You.



Restaurant # 706


Ticket # 492


11:04 PM

706 4 42 492

64 Chambers

Home: (937) [xxx-xxxx]