Jun 6, 2010

Beastman Recap

I would like to add a little clarification to the Beastman post yesterday. A comment by He-fan69 is absolutely correct. The scary ass picture is not actually Beastman, but Grizzlor. Similar to Beastman, Grizzlor is a hairy half man half beast creature that is a member of the evil horde that battled the likes of She-Ra and He-Man. However, and this may be a little confusing to explain or "get it" but Grizzlor and Beastman can be used interchangeably. To me, a "Beastman" is any creature covered in hair that could rip my body to shreds without even thinking twice about it. Bigfoot is a "beastman." The mysterious creature that haunts my dreams is a "beastman." The creature that plays tricks on my eyes while driving down dark roads surrounded by woods in the middle of the night - the one that I imagine crossing the road and glancing at me with it's evil red eyes before disappearing into the foliage - is a "beastman." I suppose the best way to put it is the difference in terminology based on geographical location when ordering a soft drink. In some places, people call it pop. In others, it's a soda. Down south, everything is a coke...Would you like a coke to drink? Yes. I'll have a Pepsi, please.

Anywho, as promised, here are some pictures of Beastman and his adventures in Dayton this weekend.

Beastman waiting to leave.

Beastman at EO Burger guarding the vinegar.

Beastman relaxing at the pool.