May 12, 2010

Smart Cars. Dumb People.

If you have ever been in a vehicle with me before, you know I prefer to drive. If I am the passenger for whatever reason, I tend to ride on the edge of my seat, pun intended. Call me a backseat driver if you will, but my circle of trust get tossed out the window whenever I put my life on the line into someone else's hands. I don't mind driving and I will do it all the time if I could. I also prefer to drive big cars. They make me feel safe. I've been in a few car wrecks before and I am glad I was in a big car when it happened, because otherwise I could have been hurt a lot worse than I was. I like SUVs. I drive a SUV. I would drive a monster truck if they were legal on the road. I would even settle for a dump truck, or even a H2. Gas guzzler or not, they keep me save(r) than if I was in a tiny car, give me peace of mind, and let me drive with a sense of authority.

And then I see shit boxes like this on the road.

They aren't too common, but I see at least one on a daily basis. I judge the idiots cramped up inside the clown car and wonder what went through their mind when they purchased it. Maybe they wanted to look like a douche bag? Maybe they wanted to save a few bucks? Did they ever think about what would happen if they were to get into a wreck in their Smart Car? What if they had a head on collision with a semi truck? I'm still lacking where the Smart concept comes from...

Maybe they wanted to try to save the environment?