May 5, 2010


If you really want to ruin someone's day, ask them the following question:

What is the name of He-Man's tiger? And no, not Battlecat...the other one...

While they contemplate the answer, sit back and watch as their head does this:

That trivia question has been the ultimate stumper that I've kept in my pocket for years. Whether someone is completely wasted, totally coherent, or has never heard of He-Man, there's a good possibility that you will catch them off guard and they will draw a complete blank.

A new trivia question that I have recently discovered that generates similar success is asking someone:

What are all the teams from The Legends of the Hidden Temple? Go.

The results are usually something like...

Oh fuck! Green snakes? Purple hippos? Orange tigers. Blue whales? Ohhh god damnit. Fuck me. You asked me too quick. Give me a second. ::second. SHIT!

I'm not going to dish out the answers, but I will share a few funny Olmec clips I found on the interwebs. I can't embed the Olmec, Sex Therapist video from College Humor because it was disabled, but I would highly suggest you watch it.

Here are two more goodies: