May 24, 2010

How To: Travel Back to 1989

How To of the Week: Travel Back to 1989

Over the weekend I struck a gold mine of memories and plastic toys through the discovery of a couple tubs packed full of childhood toys. I'd say it was a mere 10% of all the toys I had growing up, with the majority of these findings consisting of He-Man figurines. I'm kind of scared to go through the bins in depth because of all of the things I might find. I managed to isolate most of the He-Man toys into a pile and was able to fight off the urge of thinking about what I had in front of me long enough to snap this picture.

This isn't all the He-Man toys. I know I have more out there hiding away in my parent's basement somewhere. I found this link off of a collector's website of all the toys made of the He-Man era. I'm not a toy collector by any means, but I was totally stoked to be reunited with the Bestest Friends League once again. It's crazy to think about all the toys I had. Each one of the figures in the picture above represented each own trip to Toys R Us to select the next member of the ongoing 5 year olds battle between good and evil that I had in my bedroom. I looked at each toy as I pulled it out of the tub that had been housing it for years and thought about a different flashback from the past that I had during my early years. For instance, I grabbed Skeletor and remembered how is thumbs got chewed off somehow and he couldn't hold his sword any longer to fight He-Man to the death, so I had to put a piece of clay around his hand to hold the sword in place. I remembered how each of the toys were made and held together with some sort of black rubber band that was intertwined through the torso. And I remembered the smell of opening a new toy out of the package. Ohhh the smell. If they made a cologne of "new plastic toy smell of the late 1980s" I would wear it everyday.

I know this has been more of a reflection that a how to, so here are some things to do to travel back to your childhood.

  • Think about something you enjoyed during your early childhood.
  • Go on a mission to find such toy/game/idea if it is stored away somewhere.
  • If you are unable to find it, look it up online.
  • If it is a cartoon, TV commercial, or action figure that you worshipped as a child, you can probably find a picture or movie of it online somewhere.
  • Reflect on how awesome it was to be a kid for awhile - And think about the days that, at least for me, the only obligation was to make sure that He-Man was kicking Skeletor's ass.