May 26, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog

The theme for this week has been hot dogs. It started yesterday morning when I stopped at Speedway to grab a Monster energy drink before heading off to work.

"Just the monster energy drink for you today, sir?"


"Would you like anything about a hot dog?"

"WTF lady!? It's 930 in the morning."

Today, I ate a hot dog at about 4pm.

This evening, my mom called me to inform me that hot dogs were on sale at the grocery store. 79 cents for a pack. That's roughly 10 cents per hot dog. The minimum wage is Ohio is $7.25/hour. Not including taxes and other deductions, thats $290 a week, or 2,900 hot dogs. That means someone could get a job paying minimum wage, work one week, take their paycheck and buy hot dogs with it, and have enough hot dogs to eat almost 8 hot dogs a day for an entire year. The next time a homeless person asks you for money, tell them to get a job and buy some hot dogs. Problem solved.