May 19, 2010

Canon in D

I'm in the midst of a severe postpartum depression after completing the double marathon gig. I'm bored. I'm anxious. I need something to do so that I can 1-UP everyone with a cool story of what I have been doing with my life recently. The whole "Oh yeah! Well I ran 50 quad-zillion-billion miles in 30 hours and chaffed the shit out of my inner thighs and hated life and laid in a bathtub even though I don't take baths and I don't even know how I'm still alive and Ohh My Godddd" stint has just about ran it's course. I'll keep telling the story for all those open ears out there, but it's kind of like ringing out a towel thats been cooking in the dryer for a couple days. So I'm going to go back to my roots and bust out the piano. One of my favorite songs to play is Canon in D. I can do a million different renditions with my eyes closed. But they are pretty simple. The video below seems to be pretty popular since it has 4 million Youtube hits. So I'm going to do it too. There, I said it. Now that everyone knows, I am committed to it. Postpartum depression over. Stay tuned. RAWK!