Apr 5, 2010

This weekend, I will foolishly run a marathon on both Saturday and Sunday, and as such, I have dubbed it the "Weekend of Destiny." That's right boys and girls, this adds up to 52.4 miles I will run in approximately a 30-hour time frame. In anticipation or pure horror of the weekend, depending on the time of the day you ask me, I will be sticking to an "Alien Theme" for this week's blogging extravaganza.

I'm not one to plan out in advance what the blog will be about, but I thought this week could be a little exception. If you have any special alien requests, feel free to hit me up. I'm always open to suggestions. Here is the anticipated line-up:

Monday: Favorite Alien Movie Scenes (funny)
Tuesday: Alien Survival Guide
Wednesday: Best and Worst Alien Movies
Thursday: UFO Conspiracy Theories
Friday: The Fourth Kind - A Hot First Date

Whenever I think about aliens, there are a few favorite funny scenes from movies that come to mind. #1 on my list would be the "birthday alien sighting" scene from Signs, but I will save that for Wednesday because I don't feel like having e-tomatoes thrown at me tonight.

Scene from Spaceballs. This scene comes at the end of the movie after Lonestar and Barf have saved planet Druidia from the evil-doings of Dark Helmet. Check please!

Scene from Family Guy: Blue Harvest. A little Cantina Band action.

Scene from Coneheads. Sorry for the poor quality and subtitles. BAM.

Scene from They Live. "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all outta bubblegum."

Scene from Men In Black II. Singing dogs are always fun.

Scene from Predator. Arnold drops the F bomb.