Apr 29, 2010

Haters Gon' Hate

[Soundtrack: The Chordettes - Lollipop]

The theme for today was Haters. It started off as A) I peddled through the 3000+ Google Reader updates and came across an interesting article about haters that I will get to in a minute. The second recurrence of haters popped up when B) Mr. Stanko posted a picture up on Facebook that at a first glance I had mistaken for a glamour shot of A Da Cheeks. After a close double-take, I realized it was just one of those silly Hater pictures. So I giggled and continued doing whatever I was doing.

I'm sure I have a photo archived somewhere in the 10,000 pictures I have yet to organize of a solid profile shot of Mr. Cheeks that eerily looks like the stud above. I don't have the patience to sift through them at the moment, so instead, I give you this:

The last bit of Haterade just came up as C) PorkRice told me about how he was just snubbed at the UD awards ceremony. Sons of bitches.

Okayyyyyyy so back to the article I was talking about. Mashable put up an good link about Haters written by a NYT best-selling author named Tim Ferriss. He wrote a book called The Four Hour Work Week and also has 7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the seven items and comment on each of them. And. Here. We. Go.

1. It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. What matters is how many people do.

I'm the kind of guy that can tell almost immediately after meeting someone if I am going to like them or not. There's always the rare exception, but for the most part, you're either in or you're out. I can be a big 215 lb lovable teddy bear or a huge asshole. That's up to the first impression, and I'm fine with either.

2. 10% of people will find a way to take anything personally. Expect it.

I can't stand the idea of having to censor myself around people. I think this blog is kind of a no-holds-barred type of deal, but out in the "real world" you always have to be looking over your shoulder for the asshole that's offended by anything. Tact obviously comes into play, but for the most part, we're all adults here people. Grow up.

3. “Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.” (Colin Powell)

When I read this quote I get flashbacks to all the fake people in high school that tried to cup your balls and pretend to be your friend. I remember during my senior year of high school I went on this religious retreat where they break you down emotionally and then give you letters at the end from all of your friends, family, and classmates. People cry. It's real emotional. I got one letter from one of my classmates where the said individual proclaimed to tell me how awesome I was and how much they looked up to me and wished me the best and thought I was cool and all that stuff. I never talked to them and the only communication we had previously to that letter was hateful stares I gave them anytime I saw them. Well I saw right through it then, and almost ten years later, I am reminded of that bullshit letter they wrote me. If I settled for that, I would be settling for mediocrity. You can be the nicest person in the world and people will despise you solely on the fact that you're too nice.

4. “If you are really effective at what you do, 95% of the things said about you will be negative.” (Scott Boras)

People like to criticize but they often don't like to shell out positive feedback. I watch the hits this blog gets on a daily basis like a hawk. If I write something really controversial, I get probably double the hits I would on a normal day. I don't get the comments to the blog, but people are at least looking at it. I don't think it really matters what you're doing, if you leave a big enough footprint, people will respond to it. The 95% negativity comes from reactions of either being pissed off because of change, jealousy, annoyance, or a combination of the three. I don't have a psych degree, so correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just shootin' from the hip here folks.

5. “If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” (Epictetus)

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to move forward in bettering ourselves as individuals. People called me crazy for running a marathon but I did it. In college, I always got judged for being that crazy guy that liked to drink a beer or ten and sell beef jerky on the side. Sometimes I would not study as much so that I could be social and interact with people doing stuff I liked while providing them things they loved. I learned so much from those nights that I often don't remember that I will put my ability to talk to anyone on the table versus an anti-social 4.0 GPA any day of the week.

6. “Living well is the best revenge.” (George Herbert)

Hopefully you want to do something resembling anything cool with your life. If people have smited you in the past, and then you run into them in some random place, you can tell them how badass you are now. They are hopefully not as badass as you are, and you can proceed to rub it in their face.

7. Keep calm and carry on.

Every once in awhile someone will say something to you that really rubs you the wrong way. You might be having a shitty day and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are really stubborn, it can be hard to bite your tongue, but sometimes it is for the best. However, honesty is the best policy, so if they are really out of line, don't hold back to tell them to go fuck themselves. Seriously.

I'll leave you with a quote from my grandma, and this summarizes everything I have rambled on about into one complete sentence:

Life is too short to take shit from anyone. - Big G