Mar 18, 2010

New @pp Fun-ness

[BlogPress can suck it for not allowing me to upload pics on the fly. I'll add pics when I get home.]

Random nights at 2am is iTunes App Store time. Normally it's a wash of useless @pps that aren't worth the free download and Top 25 ranking. Last night proved to be a different story because I found not one...not two...not three...but four(!) decent @pps to add to my growing collection of useless things I've always needed.

This nifty @pp allows you to insert emoticons into texts, emails, and possibly blogs?

The good: It is very easy to setup. All you have to do is run the @pp once, then change the settings on the keyboard. There are tons of emoticons to choose from. There is even one of a smiling pile of poo. What's not to like about that?

The bad: The added button to switch from alpha-numeric characters to little smiley faces on the keyboard takes a little time to get used to, but isn't anything to write home about.

green screen lite
This @pp allows you to take existing pictures, erase part of the image (like the background) and insert a new background in it's place.



The good: Cool concept. Fun to do while bored.

The bad: Its difficult to erase the backgrounds out. (See tops of images in the above example, they were covered by ads). Tutorial screens and advertisements get annoying at times. Limited backgrounds to select from.

1 mouthoff
Mouthoff is a simple @pp that has all sorts of constructive uses. Upon starting up, a cartoonish mouth appears on the phone. Hold the phone up to you mouth, and talk. The new mouth moves in sync with whatever you're saying.

The good: I haven't tested it out, but the options of busting this baby out at the most inoppoetune time sounds very appealing for some reason.

The bad: N/A

Probably the coolest of the punch is panolab. It takes pictures that are already on your phone or that you take that moment and sets it up into a panoramic template.

The good: Cool concept. Fun to use. Makes gray cubicals look amazing with epic panoramic shots. Can't wait to test this out in The Big House.

The bad: Takes a little practice to get the hang of it. The width of the image is limited in the free version.