Mar 28, 2010

Jelly Bean Hangover

If you drink a lot of beer or liquor, the next day you might have a hangover. If you drink a lot of wine, you might get a wangover. I'm currently suffering the ill-effects of binge eating too many jelly beans. I'm unaware of a medical term or diagnosis for such a feeling, but I'm going to go ahead and label it a "jangover." Symptoms include massive stomach ache, migraine, inability to get off the couch, drowsiness, increased irritability, and loss of appetite.  Since Easter is a week away, I thought I would toss out a Public Service Announcement so that this doesn't happen to you or anyone you know. Beware the Jangover. With baskets of chocolate bunnies, Peeps, hard-boiled eggs, more jellybeans, Reese Peanut Butter Cup eggs, and whatever else that may show up in next week's Easter basket, the temptation to turn next Sunday in a candy gluttonfest will be ample for the taking. I will probably eat my words in a week, literally, but here's hopin'.