Mar 10, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

1. Blue beer day

H-IT-MAN: Blue beer night at milanos
Me: Gave up beer 4 lent
H-IT-MAN: Forgot im the devil
Me: Thx for reminding me tho, asshole
H-IT-MAN: Luv u

2. iPhone battery

I left the iPhone car charger in my dad's car the other day. I reached a new level of panic mode today when the "warning: 20% of battery left" message flashed up on the screen with 3 more hours to go at work.

3. Corey Haim

I wrote a blog a little while back about some of my crystal ball magical prophecies. Oddly enough, the other day I heard a cover of "Cry Little Sister" from the Lost Boys by Seasons After. I wanted to write a blog about it and talking about how I watched that movie religiously when I was little, but I never got around to it. I'm not gonna lie, it weirds me out a little bit with the unfortunate news about the passing of Corey Haim today. RIP Corey, you are now amongst other 80s giants.

4. SEO

After fooling around with all the HTML codes for the blog lately, I'm going to start pumping a little search engine optimization into this bad boy. You might notice slight changes occasionally. A big change is on the horizon because I am going to be changing the URL from cowdaddyfatsacks to something a little more fitting. More news to come on this later, but at some point you will need to update your favorites or rss feeds.

5. Bo = baby?

I was talking to Brian, a co-worker of mine that just had a little baby boy in January. He was telling me about how the little one eats, sleeps, poops, needs attention, wakes him up at random times through the night, and has turned him into a partial insomniac. Not to 1-UP his story, but it eerily reminded me of a 16lb Boston Terrier I have at home.

6. 1930s Posters

Nice posters from the 1930s. Here are a few of my favorites.

7. Warmer weather

Is it just me and half of my FB friends that have commented on the recent warm weather, or does the fact that the sun is out increase your general morale by at least 50%?

8. Tournament

On my way home from work today I heard several commercials on the radio doing spots for the upcoming NCAA BBall tourny. It's that time of the year to get the bracket busters ready. At least 5 times I heard a reference to the tournament, but they pronounced tournament as TORN-A-MENT. Uggg. C'mon people. It is pronounced TURN-A-MENT. March is going to be rough if they keep this up, sun or no sun.

9. Chipotle currency

I often think about Chipotle burritos. Especially when I'm paying for something. I look at the burrito as a $5 investment of happiness and bliss. I know it cost $6 and some change, but I round it down to $5 for easier math conversions. I have saved a lot of money asking myself the question, "Do I really need to get that Flirty Girl Fitness DVD? WAIT A SECOND! That's like four Chipotle burritos! Fuck that noise." Five bucks saved is a burrito earned. Unfortunately, the same thought process applies to bills as well. "Do I really need to pay my gas and electric bills this month? I know I left the heat on at 70 degrees and left the space heater running constantly. WAIT A SECOND! That's like sixty...SIXTY burritos! Ahh shit, they will disconnect my service if I do and send the collection agency after me. Sorry, Chipotle."

10. BDMG

There is a BD's Mongolian Grill near the gym I work out at. Lately, I have been smelling the fresh aromas of grilled meats and spices. BD is calling my name and I am listening. This weekend I am going to shoot for three plates, stacked as high as possible. The rest of the weekend will be spent in a food coma and on the toilet.