Feb 18, 2010

What Can Brown Do For You?

What can Brown do for you? Thank you for asking. I'll tell you what Brown can do for me - Get that annoying mullet wearing Fabio wanna-be off my television set. That's what Brown can do for me. I was thinking to myself earlier today how anyone in the right mind at UPS could hire this tool to be the front man of their company with their stupid whiteboard commercials. What were the criteria they were looking in hiring this piece of work? Mullet? Check. Able to write? Check. Gives off a frustrating smirk at the end of a commercial when he connects point A with point B. Checkmate. What the shit?!

So then I looked it up and couldn't believe it. The idiot's name is Andy Azula. And get this, he's the campaign director for the UPS ads. Yahtzee. So that's how they did it. Well thankfully, upon further research, I found that UPS fired a new ad agency to take care of their commercials, so in other words, this douche will be history soon enough.