Feb 9, 2010

Print Is Dead

I love the 80's.

As I detailed in a previous blog, 1983 predicted the iPhone unlocking mechanism compliments of Mr. Predator. In 1984, one of the greatest movies ever made - Ghostbusters - declared that,
"Print is dead."

As I went through the marketing gauntlet in college, it became very clear to me that everything was moving towards the Internet. In today's fast paced world, people have evolved into a mindset of needing to know information as it happens. Television will deliver this if you happen to tune in at the right time. The newspaper is yesterday's news. People want news...now. If I didn't have access to a TV on Sunday but I wanted to see the score of the Super Bowl, I could find it out pretty quick. Why wait until the Monday newspaper to come rolling in?

I worked for a place that published a local newspaper, a regional monthly magazine, and developed an online presence as well. I communicated my beliefs that the shift should be focused towards moving things online. They didn't think so, and are now out-of-business. People want news now. If I'm looking for a dentist to take care of a tooth ache, I'll be damned if I'm going to open up the Yellow Pages. If I am sitting at my desk with a stack of Yellow Pages sitting next to me, conveniently flipped open to the 'dentist' section, I'm still going to go to Google and type in "dayton ohio dentist" and see what pops up.

Print is dead.

For those Michigan Football fans out there, you may have heard about the controversy brewing in Ann Arbor in regard to Demar Dorsey (5* safety commit out of FL, #15 over-all ranked athlete, #2 safety, with an acquitted criminal record). In a nutshell, during RichRod's press conference on NSD, the media ripped him a new one for bringing in a recruit that had previous trouble with the law. The morons that were trying to stir up a flame were members of different newspapers. Their goal in life is to try to stir up controversy in order to make a headline in order to sell papers. If you want an very good explanation of the scene http://mgoblog.com/content/demar-dorsey-and-drew-sharp You can also read more info here from the wolverine blog.

In response to the FAIL reporting by so-called journalists like Drew Sharp and Michael Rosenberg, the following video surfaced on Youtube. Bravo.