Feb 24, 2010


We've all heard about Watergate. And then there was Clinton's Oral Office rampages via Monicagate. Super Bowl Half Time shows brought us Nipplegate. Recently, Tiger Wood's has given us much to laugh about through Tigergate.

And now we have Practicegate. Yesterday at about 1pm, my Google Reader exploded with news about the NCAA allegations against the Michigan Football program. These findings boiled down to three primary infractions:

  1. Michigan punished some players for missing summer classes by some form of physical activity, such as running the stairs at the Big House, gassers, or some kind of Barwis torture.
  2. Some members of the coaching staff, called Quality Control assistants, went above and beyond their duty by giving out pointers during films and/or workouts.
  3. Sunday football practices went over the limit by approximately 20 minutes due to time that was allotted for stretching. The stretching rule is kind of grey area in the rulebook, but apparently this is to be factored into the equation of what counts and what doesn't count.
On the surface, we have a big time football program getting slapped on the wrist for making players run a little extra for missing class in attempts to make them a better student, assistants telling players more than they should, even though the rules allow them to now, and finally...practice. We're talking about 20 minutes of extra practice for stretching. Practice. Not the game, but practice!

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