Feb 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day. Bing!

Happy Groundhog Day.

[Soundtrack: Sonny and Cher - "I got you babe"]

One of the challenges of being a "writer" is that sometimes things don't always go as you would like. Deadlines suck. Nothing is worse than having to write under pressure. Maintaining a blog that you want people to come to is the same way. I have read and read and read about how important it is to make sure that your blog is updated on a daily basis so that all of your loyal followers continue to check it out. If your blog provides new, fresh material, then it gives people a reason to come back to it. One of the "big" things I have on my list of shit to do when I wake up is make God-damned sure I have a blog up by 11:59pm EST everyday. I started doing this on November 11th. And I think I have only missed two days. One was a computer error. And the other was for non-disclosed higher prioritized reasons (Hiyo!). As I digress this prelude of a paragraph of fluffy bullshit, I want to make a point that all "writers" can empathize with - Sometimes things don't go always as you would like...For example, I had a nice breakdown on the history of Groundhog Day already written up for today's blog, and it was a pretty good one. But I scrapped it after I saw the following video and decided to go with a different angle:

Watch this:

Immediately after watching this clip from one of my favorite movies, I came to the realization that my Monday through Fridays are Groundhog Days. If you are reading this, I think I am safe to say that you can relate in one way or another. You wake up. Go to work/or school/or whatever. Come home. Do something. Go to bed. Repeat. Monday through Friday is Groundhog Day.

I don't know about the rest of you, but here is a typical run-down of my sleeping procedure. I hit the sack at 2am or 3am. I wake up sometime around 4am to search my fridge for a quick meal and diet-coke. I go back to bed and hopefully fall asleep. Sometimes at 5:30am my dog will wake me up. If he doesn't wake me up, I have some sort of a nightmare that lasts a few hours between 4am and 9am that involves me waking up spontaneously every 15 minutes in a daze before I go back to sleep to pick up where I left off with said nightmare. At 9:00am my first iPhone alarm goes off, which is set to snooze. Every 5 minutes, for the next 20 minutes, my phone goes off. At 9:15am, my alarm clock starts going off. It has the worst sound ever. Mainly because the only time it makes this sound is between Monday and Friday. This is what my alarm clock looks like:

It has taken a beating. The front plate is missing. This alarm clock hates it's life...as it should.

I had a big blog written up about how sweet Groundhog Day was, but now I am talking about the shitty condition my alarm clock is in amidst my awesome sleeping habits.

Sometimes I will stay up past the 3am threshold and will set the alarm clock on my computer. Then I turn the sound up full blast (not up to 11 because that just annoys the shit out of me) and go to bed. The computer alarm clock has never failed.

In summary, this is my typical morning:

Alright, so anywho, I am sure you can relate to my typical M-F scenario in one way or another. Whether you have hit the snooze button on your alarm clock or hit the snooze button on life, I think I am in agreement that it sucks waking up in the morning, and everyday, Monday-Friday, is Groundhog Day. It doesn't matter if the Mayor of Philly pulls a fat weasel out of his refuge or not, you still have to go to work. You still have to go to class. It is going to snow. And Ohio is still going to suck.

On a lighter note, here are a few clips from Groundhog Day. If anyone is going to kick the day off right, it is Bill Murray. And don't forget, kids, today is also the release of Zombieland on DVD. So make sure you pick up a copy of it. It also has a cameo of Bill Murray, and is definitely worth the $10.