Feb 6, 2010

Essential iPhone @pps

Here is a list of my favorite iPhone @pps, along with a brief description on what it does and why you should get it if you haven't already done so.

  • AppBox Pro: has several @pps built into one, like flashlight, unit conversions, menstruation cycle tracking, etc.
  • Google Earth: good for traffic jams or while traveling
  • Pandora: non-stop music, ran a marathon listening to it
  • Simplify: allows you to connect to you iTunes library on your computer so you can listen to all your music anywhere
  • Flixster: movie info
  • Google: search for stuff by talking instead of typing
  • TWI: kind of like TFLN, but with photos too
  • ColorSplash: lets you edit photos and make certain parts of a picture color while the rest is b&w
  • PS Mobile: photoshop @pp that lets you crop photos and add borders
  • Facebook: facebook
  • BlogPress: what I use to blog on the road
  • To Do's: simple @pp to create to-do lists
  • iVideoCamera: if you don't have the 3GS, get this to take videos. It's not the greatest, but it works.
  • Lets GoBlue: plays Michigan fight song and let's go blue
  • Shazam: records a song and tells you what the song title is and artist
  • Remote: control your iTunes from phone instead of on computer
  • Scramble: fun word finding game. Good for plane flights. Has multi-player mode.
  • iPity: Mr. T sayings
  • FML: fml
  • XRayFX LITE: use this to trick your friends who are retarded that the iPhone can take real x-rays (worked on Brett).
  • Castle: fun game like the one online where you drag little stick figures with your finger and kill them
  • myWireless: tracks phone usage and allows you to pay your AT&T bill by touching a button
  • Lightsaber: for the nights when you need to have a light saber battle
  • Wi-Fi Finder: good for finding wi-fi spots
  • Excuse Free: use this to fake a phone call where your phone rings, a guy talks on the other end, and then you can pretend you have to go to handle an emergency
  • Sol Free: decent solitaire game
  • Dog Whistler: creates a high pitched noise that only dogs and kids under 14 can hear. Also works on babies. Trust me.
  • Ringtones: has 1000 ringtones you can sample and then send to your Itunes and then sync to phone.
  • Tetris: tetris. Costs $5 I think.
  • Urinal Test: test your friends to see if they are straight or gay or stupid
  • Chipotle: press one button and order a burrito
  • Discovery: find out what's on Discovery channel
  • Family Guy: has clips of different episodes. Good for when on the shitter and need a quick laugh to take your mind off the burrito that you're trying to pass that was ordered with the Chipotle @pp
  • IMDB: imdb. Works really well
  • Live Cams: definitely get this one. I think it costs $1. But you can tap into hundreds of cameras around the world and spy on people. I like watching penguins and Shamu swim around.
  • TFLN: easily send funny texts to people. Good for a quick laugh.

JMFG just got an iPhone this week so I'm putting this together for him.