Feb 10, 2010

Cow VS Food

I been watching a lot of massive food eating shows lately like Man VS Food and Top 10 Places to Pig Out and things like that. It occurred to me that this might be some sort of extra curricular activity that I could get into. Without sounding too egotistical or self-loathing, it is pretty damn cool to have your picture hanging up in a restaurant. When I was in high school, the fast food industry seemed to take a liking to me, and I got some cool awards such as being nominated for the "Wendy's National High School Heisman" award along with "Penn Station Athlete of the Month."

I haven't seen the episode, but I know Man VS Food covered the atomic wing challenge at Quaker Steak & Lube. You have to sign a waver form since you're basically eating chicken wings covered in molten lava. I ate 50 wings before the challenge (not atomic) and then followed my evening up with drinking a whole cup of straight atomic sauce. I got a t-shirt and a name-tag for my efforts - or stupidity. I've done the Dave Thomas challenge at Wendy's, which is eating everything off the 99 cents menu in one sitting. On a variety of shows, I've seen the massive 12-egg omelet challenge which is held in Seattle I believe. I haven't been that far out West, but I did consume a 12-egg omelet in the H-IT-Man's living room one morning.



So I'm thinking about seeking out different food challenges to embark on as I see fit or happen to be traveling to at the time. It's always cool to snag a free t-shirt or get your name or picture up on the wall of some random place.