Feb 27, 2010

Back To Bloggin'

After spending quite a few hours fixing the blog, I think it is safe to say I can return to actually blogging instead of editing line after line of HTML code. Earlier this week the site that hosted all of the images for my blog's template went down, so I had to play Mr. Fix it and upload the files to another place and make sure everything looked perfect. While I was at it, I tweaked a few other things and added some new elements to the site as well. It's really an on-going process and I could literally spend all of the allotted time I have for writing blogs to improving the look and feel of the blog itself. When shit hit the fan earlier this week, I sort of had to put off blogging to get the site working correctly again, and I think it's safe to say that it is now. There were a few lines of bad Javascript code I had to fix, and that was causing the slowness for the page to load. This is all very interesting stuff, I know. Almost as interesting as the entire box of Girl Scout cookies I ate today (thin mints, of course).