Feb 15, 2010

Avatar 3D

I finally got to check out Avatar last night in 3D. Walking into the theater, my main concern was that the 3D glasses would not fit my basketball sized head at all. Unfortunately, they only had one size, and while I was hoping for a "regular size" and a "God damn your head is freakin' huge!" alternative, the pair of Real D 3D specs I snatched up didn't induce any sort of migraine throughout the course of the evening, which is always a plus.

Since a billion other people saw the movie before I did, I heard a variety reviews on the movie.

The special effects are incredible.

Yes there were phenomenal. It took a crew of what, a thousand people(?) three years to make it? Even so, this was eye candy at it's finest.

The plot is mediocre.

I thought the plot exceeded my expectations of the movie. It did have a Pocahontas vibe throughout the flick that I wasn't able to shake, though. Especially when I started getting songs from the Disney movie in my head during Avatar...songs I thought I erased years ago.

Just when I thought I was going to sing another verse of Pocahontas' "Just around the Riverbend" in my mind, I switched gears into the Fraggle Rock "Theme Song" and all was forgotten.

Hey cool! It's in 3D!

I thought they did a great job with the 3D. There were a couple times during the movie that I sort of jumped in my chair with all the flying shit coming at my face from out of the screen. I haven't seen a 3D movie in the actual theater before, so I was delighted to see that they were actually able to make this work without busting out the Jaws 3D effects.

The movie is 3 hours long.

Technically, the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. Add in previews (some also in 3D) and it's probably up there in the 3 hour range. I avoided all temptation to get the bladder buster and this worked out to my benefit because I didn't have to get up 10 times during the movie to empty the Urine Chamber. The movie didn't seem to be 3 hours long, didn't drag on at any point, or make me check the time to see when I could get the hell out of there (like New Moon did).

As always, there is always some sort of movie-etiquette FAIL that occurs when I see any movie. Last night, it was the "Random group of people that sits in the seat in front of you despite the fact that you have your feet kicked up on the seat they want to sit in FAIL" along with the "Couple who have to get up and use the restroom/concessions multiple times during the course of the movie FAIL."

All in all, Avatar is a great movie and I'd recommend seeing it. It's worth the $20 or whatever it is to get you through the film.