Feb 8, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

1. Back at it again.

I took a week break from the running thing at the gym to take care of RL stuff. It felt good to get back at it again. The gym was pretty crowded tonight. I'm guessing it's due to all those people that are still clinging to the New Year's resolution to get healthy or something. I guarantee it won't be as crowded this time next month.

2. Super Bowl stuff.

I'm glad the Saints won. I didn't want to see a million commercials with Peyton Manning in them which surely would have happened if the Colts would have taken the W.

3. Speaking of commercials.

This year's Super Bowl ads didn't really strike me as being amazing. Granted, I was drifting in and out of consciousness for the entire event, I can say that I wasn't giggling randomly throughout the day as I reflected on all the funny commercials I saw last night. Dorito's had a few good ones. So did Bud Light, as always. That's about it...moving on.

4. Stuffed Crust Pizza

When I was little, I remember the excitement and luxury generated from ordering pizza on the weekends. If I was a good boy, I would be treated to stuffed-crust pizza. I don't get pizza all the time. I can count on one hand the number of times I've ordered pizza in the past year on my hand. But Pizza Hut..."PIZZA THE HUT!" delivered some stuffed-crust pizza and bread sticks last night, and it was a slice of heaven.

5. Cow Tipping

In order to avoid asshole's who don't tip pizza delivery guys, many food establishments have incorporated a delivery charge into the grand total of your order. Knowing this, I still tipped the pizza guy a buck for delivering my foodies. He was working on the Super Bowl, brought the pizza exactly when half-time started, and asked what the score was. That was worth a $1 IMO. Good deed for the week done. Check.

6. Forecast = Snow

I'm ready for summer. It's supposed to snow another 4-6 inches tomorrow. I love snow. But it's not Christmas or grade school anymore when snow days were like winning the lottery.

7. Football is over.

Now that the Super Bowl has concluded, I am stuck with basketball, baseball, NASCAR, hockey, celebrity poker, and/or whatever non-sense is left until August rolls around. At least the Michigan Spring Game is on the horizon. But even that is months away.

8. Avatar.

I still need to see this damned movie. In 3D of course.

9. Taxes.

My appointment with H&R Block on Saturday was canceled due to the "blizzard." My tax guy at least called me to tell me that it was canceled. He also assured be that he would call today to reschedule. But he didn't. My hatred for accountants grows stronger.

10. V-Day is near.

Valentine's Day is this Sunday. I have the coolest gift in the world to give to some lady I know. It's not anywhere close to a diamond, or jewelry, but it is something that could possibly be worn. That is the only hint I will give. Insert suspense here: _____________