Jan 15, 2010

Bowling Suckage Science Experiment

Tonight I'm going to conduct a little scientific research while I prove to the world how much I suck at bowling. Bust out your 1996 Science Fair hats, kids.

Question: Do I bowl better sober or intoxicated?

Background Research: Some things in life, such as beer pong, flip cup, corn hole, etc., are done better drunk than beer-less.

Hyothesis: If I drink a few beers, then achieving a higher bowling score than while bowling sober will happen.

Test with an Experiment: I tested this experiment out by bowling a game completely sober and bowling a game while drinking several beers during the course of the game.

Analyze Results/Draw Conclusions: Sober Game = 122. Sauced up game = 77.

Communicate Results: Clearly, I bowled a better game while I was sober and focused on getting the highest score possible. If I would have bowled a third game, I'm pretty sure I would have beat the 122 score, once the booze settled in, but at that point we had to go because the bowling alley was shutting down our lane.