Jan 28, 2010

Since I gave everyone my political two cents in yesterday's blog, I decided that tonight would be a good time to touch on a few topics that are (tongue in cheek) a little less controversial. This is blog about Sports, God, Abortion, and Freedom of Speech.

Tim Tebow was in the news this week. Not because he is a whiny, God-lovin' bag of douche, but because he plans on airing a Super Bowl ad to speak his gospel on being Pro-Life. Whenever I see or hear anything about Tim Te-blow, I immediate roll my eyes and picture this image in my mind:

I understand that he was Urban Cryer's butt buddy and won a few National Championships. I recognize that fact that he can bench press 225lbs more than your average NFL defensive lineman. I get the fact that he was a pretty damn good quarterback in college. But what I don't understand is why Tim Tebow thinks it is his mission to spread not only the Word of God - but now has to spread his beliefs on being Pro-Choice all over the football scene.

One of the great things about America is that we have the Freedom of Speech. Aside from screaming "Fire!" in a movie theatre and a few other exceptions, people can say, or not say, whatever they want. That is fine and dandy and I take advantage of it as often as I can. The Freedom of Speech allows me to rant to my heart's content via this blog without worries of have the law hammer down on my parade.

I respect people's opinion's and beliefs. If you believe in God, awesome. If you don't believe in God, good for you or whatever you believe in. If you knock a girl up or get knocked up, and you have made the decision to have an abortion, I will support it. If you knock a girl up or get knocked up, and made the decision to keep the child, I will support it.

Tim Tebow's Super Bowl message in a nutshell is an enchanting tale about how his mother was thinking about having an abortion while she was pregnant with him because she got some sort of disease and didn't think it would work out. But she decided to keep him, and then he grew up to be a Heisman trophy winning football player who has pissed me off enough to make me sit down and write about how I am tired of people in the sports world trying to shove political and/or spiritual agenda down my throat.

"I know some people won't agree with it," said Tebow of the 30-second ad at a press conference in Mobile, Ala., on Sunday, in preparation for next weekend's Senior Bowl. "But I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe. I've always been very convicted of [his views on abortion] because that's the reason I'm here, because my mom was a very courageous woman." - Tim Tebow

There is a time and a place for things like this, like CNN or Church. When these issues show up on ESPN, College Football Gameday, Monday Night Football, and now the damned Super Bowl - that is where the line is crossed. I watch sports, or specifically football, to avoid all that type of shit. I want to see my team win, people to knock the shit out of each other, and to watch funny commercials. I don't want to hear about how God won the game for them, watch light-hearted biographies on how someone found Jesus or was not aborted and now has found the ability to play football. This kind of stuff makes me want to puke.

In conclusion, I will leave you with an excellent Facebook status update last week compliments of a Mr. Cheek, in which he basically sums up the meaning of life.

Another bible thumper came to the door today. Why do these people feel this need for me to believe what they believe? I don't go door to door... "Excuse me sir, I'm for the Miami University Graduate Department of Physics and I am in your neighborhood today preaching the gospel of the wave/particle duality. Have you received the good news that light asks as both a wave AND a particle?" - Adam "Mr. Cheeks" Hicks

Ok so immediately after writing this blog I went to Chipotle to order a steak and black bean burrito with everything on it. They did an excellent job. On my way out to my car, I noticed the following message spraypainted on the sidewalk next to my car.

Ohhhhhh the irony.