Jan 7, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

Good deed for the day: I saw a guy scraping his car windows off with a DVD earlier today. Immediately, this was an opportunity to justify my New Year's Resolution to become a better man, specifically Rule #2 - "Does the right thing, even when it's not convenient" and Rule #6 - "Sacrifices for the good of others." He politely declined by claiming, "Nawww man...I'm gawd." But he really wasn't, because his windows were still covered with crap. Oh well. Fair enough.

I bought some new cologne today. Apparently, some French guy named Georgio Armanio whips up a batch of delightful smelling stuff called Acqua Di Gio. I'm not sure whether to drink it or spray it on my person. I was curious to what was the actual rule for applying cologne so I looked it up. According to kineda.com,
"The best time to apply your cologne is after a shower before you’ve put on your shirt. Spray the cologne into the air and walk into it. If you’re already dressed, the back of your neck and wrist areas are your next best bet since they naturally diffuse more scent then the rest of your body. Never spray cologne on your clothes.

Remember that hotter it gets the more intense the scents from your cologne will be, especially when combined with your sweat. Go lighter in the summer, and heavier in the winter. Oilier skins tend to amplify the scents a bit, so take it easy."

...So what is the rule for if you sweat profusely all the time?

The site also says that it's best to pick a cologne based on your personality.
Fresh colognes have a nice greenery and citrus smell to them and favor guys who are intensely goal-oriented while being quite easy going. [For example] Lacoste Essential, Calvin Klein Escape, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

Bingo bango.

I also purchased a new 2010 (two thousand ten) Calendar today. As I walked up to the Calendar vendor stand at the mall, I thought it would be clever to harass the person running the booth by trying to persuade them to give me a discount on the calendar on a pro-rated basis since 2010 has already started. I thought this was an incredible idea until I walked up to the booth and saw a big red sign that said "50% OFF ALL CALENDARS!" Damnit. I guess that's better than 0.01917808% off. In case you were wondering, I settled with the Quagmire calendar, giggity.

The College Football National Championship is on tonight. I also just made another $100 bet that Michigan will win a National Championship before OSU does. That makes a total of $200 or 40 Chipotle burritos that I will be collecting from people in the future.

Earlier today I realized that in less than 48 hours I will be embarking on the greatest physical challenge that I have ever put my body through in a two-day period. Bring it on. [The greatest physical challenge I ever put my body through was when I lost 36lbs in two weeks for wrestling. Nothing will ever come close to that again.]

Tiger Woods has been in the doghouse a lot lately. I keep hearing people say that he was all messed up on Ambien and that's why he slept with hundreds of women which eventually led to his wife kicking his ass. If he would have read my blog on Ambien, all of this could have been easily avoided.

Judging by the evil eye(s) Bo has been giving me today, I think he knows I'm going out of town for a few days.

It's snowing outside. It's cold outside. Sometimes when it is cold, it may cause the pipes in your house to burst. This equates to a several thousand dollar nightmare. To avoid this, all you have to do is simply keep the faucet dripping and the water will keep moving and not freeze. If you want to play it even safer, you can put a space heater up to the pipes, such as under the sink, to keep those pipes all nice and cozy. Or you could also trust that someone living in your home, lets just use Porkrice for example, will run the sink or flush a toilet every once in awhile over the weekend. Or you can play Devil's Advocate and just assume that the pipes will explode at the same time the house burns to the ground from the space heater and worry about that all weekend instead of worrying about how you will stay alive while you run 40 miles.


I just received an update for my iPhone iVideo @pp. Now I can take videos on my phone (which should come standard, not after the $400 upgrade). I tested it out and it works. It also took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to email myself a one second video sample that I took. I've got some time to kill, so hopefully I'll be able to capture some footage of kicking Mickey Mouse in the balls this weekend.